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Rocky McWilliams is our full-service, on-site gunsmith. Rocky has been with us since we opened our doors in 2000.  He graduated from the Colorado School of Trades Gunsmith program and has over 30 years of experience. He performs all of the below services himself and has worked on thousands of guns.  His specialty is creating custom guns, including hunting rifles, test targets for which are displayed in the store.  He has built over 700 custom Roc Guns. He can speak to you in person regarding any repair question you have and also has a portfolio of past work performed if you would like to see some photographed examples. His work has been featured on Shooting USA on The Outdoor Channel, as well as in numerous gun magazines.


Gunsmithing Prices


(Also take into consideration that these are base prices, and there may be upcharges for certain makes, condition of gun, undiagnosed problems, etc.)

**There is a $50 diagnosis base fee that will be credited toward your final bill if you give authorization to fix the problem.**

There is NO warranty on old, used, or new parts used in repairs.  Gunsmith labor warrantiy is for 90 days and must be validated with a receipt of previous repair from our store.


Rush Orders (subject to parts availability)

For one day turnaround= $100, in addition to charges for service(s) below

For two day turnaround= $50, in addition to charges for service(s) below



Service/Disassembly, Clean/ Oil, and Function Check for standard guns= $50

Service/Disassembly, Clean/ Oil, and Function Check for Browning A5, O/U, and SxS shotguns= $85

Test Fire = $10

**Extra to remove rust on any gun**


Install Optics packages

Drill / Tap per hole= $50

Mount and Bore Sight= $35

Boresight only = $10


Handgun/ Rifle Trigger Work

Action Job revolver= $175.00 (radius cylinder and lengthen forcing cone)

Trigger Job, revolver only= $150

Trigger Job, Remington 700 only=$65

Trigger Job, all other rifles= $150 and up

Deluxe 1911 Trigger Job= $150

T/C Encore Trigger Job= $150

CVA Optima Trigger Job= $150


Stock Work

Oil Finish w/checkering, etc.= $150 to $400 and up

Hi Gloss= $150 to $400

Glass Bed= $125

Devcon Bed= $175

Free Float= $50

Repair cracked/broken stock= $65 and up


Shotgun Work-Metal

Lengthen Forcing Cone, per Barrel= $75

Install Screw Chokes, per Barrel= $165

Polish Chamber= $50 and up

Case Color parts=  $150 and up

Furnish and Install Bead= $55


Pistol Work- Metal

Cut Dovetail Front Sight= $125

Cut Novak and other Styles= $150 to $200

Strip Nickel Finish= $150 and up


Rifle Work - Metal

Install and pin muzzle brake= $150

Remove an existing pinned muzzle brake and re-pin new one= $250

**Extra for cutting off barrel and recrowning**

Thread Barrel for Suppressor or Flash Hider= $250

**Extra for cutting off barrel and recrowning**

Fit & Chamber Barrel w/ Caliber & Logo included= $350

Check Headspace and Test Fire= $50

Polish Chamber= $50 and up

Recrown Barrel= $65 and up

Drill/ Tap, per hole= $50


Refinish Metal

Case Hard Color= $150 and up

Reblue Matte- Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol= $300

Reblue Hi-Polish- Rifle, Shotgun= $400 and up

Electro Nickel Matte= $300

Electro Nickel Hi-Polish= $400 and up

Slide Only= $150 and up


Cerakoting and Hydrographics

Please inquire in store.